Tararua S-K Film screening info

Our short adventure documentary film, “Tararua S-K,” made the cut for the NZ Mountain Film Festival!

Out of a bunch of entries (177 of ’em!), our film stood out and secured a spot among the best New Zealand made films.

The NZ Mountain Film Festival is all about showcasing adventure stories and amazing cinematography.

Film Blub

Join the adventure-loving community as they push their limits and embark on the ultimate physical and mental challenge – the S-K. Experience the thrill of rewriting history as they tackle the Tararua range, proving that everyday life doesn’t have to be safe and mundane. From the courageous trailblazers Dave Capper and Bruce Jeffries to the current trailblazers carrying on their legacy, be inspired by their determination and grit. Witness their incredible journey in this heart-pumping film, and get ready to be motivated to take on your own challenge.


Tim Sutton, Joe Murphy, Andy Carruthers, Megan Sety, Dave Capper, Sir Graeme Dingle KNZM, MBE, Gary Goldsworthy, Jean Beaumont, Chris Martin, Olivia Lawrence, Chris Swallow, Colin Rolfe

The film is 29mins

About Andy the film maker

Andy is a fastpacker, backcountry runner and film maker, plus a regular contributor to Wilderlife blog and author of his blog, Great Walk Adventures.

Tararua S-K Trailer

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