“God damn son that shit was LIT! Finally got around to watching it last night. Wow! Really, really impressed! That’s Jimmy Chin level awesomeness!! Well done! Did you guys win?? Thanks again for sharing this with me. Man I enjoyed that.” — Latest Review

“The S-K film is a great reminder that life is full of epic adventures just waiting to be had, some are even potentially on your doorstep if you just open your eyes to seek it out. What’s your next adventure!?” 

“The Tararua range is a priceless asset to Aotearoa and the film ‘Tararua S-K 60 years in the making’ captures it perfectly. As for the people who run the length of the range, there is a touch of Forest Gump in all of us. Barking!” 

— Sir Graeme Dingle, KNZM MBE

“The first thing I did when I got home last night was buy it and watch it again….a rich tapestry that brought the Tararua community together with loving care” 

— Tim Sutton

“Just watched your SK movie and loved it. Got the hairs up on my neck! Thanks for your Mahi doing this and capturing it so well.”

The S-K is the ultimate physical challenge in the Tararua range that is within the reach of most people should they choose to try.

Join the adventure-loving community as they push their limits and embark on the ultimate physical and mental challenge – the S-K. Experience the thrill of rewriting history as they tackle the Tararua range, proving that everyday life doesn’t have to be safe and mundane. From the courageous trailblazers Dave Capper and Bruce Jeffries to the current trailblazers carrying on their legacy, be inspired by their determination and grit. Witness their incredible journey in this heart-pumping film, and get ready to be motivated to take on your own challenge.

The film is 27 mins long, Starring

Tim Sutton, Joe Murphy, Andy Carruthers, Megan Sety, Dave Capper, Sir Graeme Dingle KNZM, MBE, Gary Goldsworthy, Jean Beaumont, Chris Martin, Olivia Lawrence, Chris Swallow, Colin Rolfe

Here is what the Hutt Valley Tramping Club had to say

Wow, your Tararua S-K movie  at Club last night was excellent. Thank you. You have produced a stunning record of a very exciting run and it was  enjoyed by all.  Your movie was a great draw-card – and we were pleased with the number who attended.  It was good you gave us an introduction and you were able to answer the many questions from the audience afterwards –always a good sign that they were invigorated by it all.  I don’t know if you sensed it, but I felt a real “stirring of blood” from those in the room – comments from the older ones who were feeling sentimental about their Tararua S-K-(albeit, they would have been slower than the current minus 24 hours’ transverse) and strong interest from the younger ones now wanting to give it a go!

There were lots of highlights, and to name a few:

·         I was very impressed with the quality of your filming and editing – a really smooth transition from runners, to scenery, to interviews, etc and that’s not always easy – well done;

·         Stunning photography with beautiful scenery including the lovely winter shots.  And you contrasted that  with some of wind, rain and clag, but of course we understand your preference for helicopter weather. And congrats to you both being able to film while running!

·         Loved to see the camaraderie between the participants, as that would help make the whole experience even better. Nice to see there was an opportunity for some to run with supporters either for food drops and/or company;

·         We enjoyed seeing interviews with Dave Capper, Gary Goldsworthy and Sir Graeme Dingle.  No pretention, just guys who were happy recalling their experiences;

·         We got a real sense of just how epic and very hard it is to run 80km over difficult terrain in such a short time! The endurance required is astonishing – and surprised to hear that  Joe tries to run the main range at least once a month.  Good to see some women can withstand the physical rigours as well;

·         We appreciated  the maps showing the route/s taken – made it even more realistic;

·         Good goals to aim for too – eg special t-shirts awarded. Laughed at the  Dusty Road End Car Park of Glory;

·         And then the hard bits.  The painful blisters, the story about having to drink cooking oil and spices, and the intestinal result of imbibing 40 gels in one trip!

·         Loved the whoops of delight at the Kaitoke end and the “swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home” song upon seeing the car park.

We wish you all the very best for your movie.  You said it was sold out at the Wanaka Mountain Film Festival and the Brooklyn Penthouse – we hope that level of interest continues in many other venues as well.

Kind regards Pamela Campbell For HVTC Social Committee

Club screening package Includes

Download file for the film Tararua S-K 27mins

plus four other trip videos total 40mins  

Package includes the option of Andy attending by video call to provide an introduction and to answer any questions at the end.

The cost for the package is $195

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