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Rating the Great Walks

After running all 8 of the runnable Great Walks we needed to do some maths and compare them.

So in total we ran 410km nearly 10 marathons and climbed 18,609 vertical metres more than 2 times Everest!

So here is our list ordered hardest to easiest.

Starting with distance, elevation and time, I divided distance by 10, then I used the International Trail Running measure for Gradient – accumulated altitude gain (expressed in function of the distance), then divided the time in minutes divided by 100, then we rated the Terrain, Logistics and Weather out of 5 and averaged the scores. This isn’t perfect but hopefully it helps to guide you of which runs to do first.

My favorites were

The Tongariro Northern Circuit, we had a magic day, incredible landscapes, climbing Ngauruhoe with snow and ice and running and sliding down the scree and snow slopes was fun!!!!!

Milford is an epic piece of country and a wonderful adventure

The Routeburn is special because of the time above the tree line

They are all wonderful runs and tramps, looking forward to going back with the kids soon!

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