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Great Walk 5min Video’s

In 2013, I needed a new adventure challenge.

Over the past few years some buddies and I had been on a few mountain bike missions to Vegas, Qtown, done the T42 a few times and do the Karapoti every year. We had done the Tararua Mountain Race a couple of times, the Mukamuka Munter and a misson up Mt Matthews.

I decided to run all the Great Walks over two years. There are 9 Great Walks, 8 that you can run, one is the Whanganui-journey by canoe.

I invited a bunch of lads to join me and luckily someone was keen, my good buddies Andrew and Anthony are up for the challenge.

Here is the record of our adventures on the Great Walks.

On the other pages you will find helpful info on the Great Walks. See you out there!


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